The 1 Hour Orgasm

The One Hour Orgasm is possible through the technique of Deliberate Orgasm.

Deliberate Orgasm or DOing, is by agreement two people putting their attention on one person's body for the purpose of creating and experiencing the optimum amount of pleasurable sensation.

DOing is in addition to and will expand the sex life
you already have.

People often ask one of two questions about a 1 Hour Orgasm.  Is it necessary? And is it real?

To the first question:
A 1 hour orgasm is not necessary.  What one person can experience, another person can experience as well. The purpose of the demonstration is to show what is possible in the realm of expanded orgasm. The One Hour Orgasm Demonstration is a practical demonstartion of the fundamental information from the 2-day Common Sensuality course. It shows the potential of female orgasm available to anyone through the Deliberate Orgasm Practice.

To the second question:
The One Hour Orgasm is real. It is demonstrated by the sensuality instructors. Witnessing it first hand has change the view and experience of orgasm forever of the viewers who have attended.

"This was a remarkable course. It really expanded my awareness of what's possible in the realms of sensuality and communication. "

"It was done in such a manner that was informative, pleasurable, understandable and left me wanting more."

"It made me ecstatic to realize that meant that there were many ways that our sex life could and would get better. Thank You!"

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